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Paste your long url in the above text field. We will automatially fetch the shortned links for you. You can just click to copy those links.

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Is url shortener safe?

Most url shortners are safe. URL shortners shortens very long urls for you. Ours uses the free api provided by shrtco. You can read their terms and conditions here.

Where can i use Voux Url Shortners?

How many links can i make with a url shortner?

With Voux URL shortner, you can make about 3 Shortened URLs for your 1 long url.

Can i track my link clicks?

No, We do not track clicks as we use a public url shortner api. So we have no option to share the link clicks with you.

Is there a url shortener app?

We have a better next-gen solution. Use a web app! Traditional apps takes up space. Web Apps works like an extension of your chrome or safari browser. They are safe and take up no space. Try out!