Here we have the complete list of Shrug lenny faces also known as Shrug text faces. All you have to do is click on them and they will be copied to your clipboard for copy paste sharing.

List of Shrug Lenny Faces

¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯
Shrug Lenny faces
I Dunno LOL
ლ|^ Д^ ლ|
Square Happy Shrugging
ʅ(́ ◡◝ )ʃ
Happy Shrugging
┐( ~ー~; )┌
Angry Shrug
┐(´д` )┌
Shrug Face Sad
乁ʕ •̀ ۝ •́ ʔㄏ
Shrugging Bear
¯\_( ツ )_/¯
Donger Shrug
ლ( ಠ 益 ಠ )ლ
Anger Shrug
Not A Single &*$# Was Given
乁ʕ •̀ ۝ •́ ʔㄏ
Shrug Face
d(◔ д◔)b
Who Cares
Well Done
Dunno Man
╮( ╯∀╰)╭
Bad Hesitating
┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
Anime Sweat
┐( ˘_˘)┌
I Rest My Case
Dunno Smile
Egyptian Dance
Confused Sweating
¯\_( ⊙_ʖ⊙ )_/¯
Shrug Big Face
ʅ( ´◔౪◔) ʃ
Baby Shrug
ლ|^Д^ ლ|
Cry Shrug
┐(  ̄ヘ ̄ )┌
Meditate Shrug
┐ (´ー` )┌
Shrug Serious
┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌
Meh, I Don't Care
¯\_༼ ಥ ‿ ಥ ༽_/¯
Slug Shrug
┐(゚~゚ )┌
Not Sure At All Boy
┐(´ ∀`)┌
Doubtful Man
┐( ´ д`)┌
Bit Insecures
Disapproving Shrug
乁( ⁰ Ĺ̯ ⁰ ) ㄏ
Insecure Sir
¯\_(⊙ _ʖ⊙)_/¯
Big Insecure Eyes
┐(´ ー`)┌
Not Sure At All
乁( ⁰͡ Ĺ̯ ⁰͡ ) ㄏ
Person Shrug
┐( -。ー; )┌
Sleep Shrug
ヽ( ~~~ )ノ
Close Eyes Shrug
ヽ( ゜~゜o )ノ
Crazy Shrug
┐ ( -“-) ┌
Serious Bad Shrug
┐(゚ ~゚ )┌
Confused shrug
ლ(゚ д゚ლ )
Why Shrug
╮(╯ ∀ ╰)╭
Smile Shrug
┐( ´~` )┌
I Dont Care
Shrugging Guy
Not Sure
Can't Understand
Round Shrug
Look At This
I really don't care
¯\_( ツ)_/¯
Insecure Fool Boy
┐(´ д`)┌
Not Sure About That Man
╮ (. ❛ ❛ _.) ╭
No Idea
Who Knows?
Why Am I So Happy?
┐(´д`) ┌
Suffering Shrug
╮(╯ _╰ )╭
Sad Shrug
ʅ(´ ◔౪◔)ʃ
Shrug Dumby
乁 ʕ •̀ ۝ •́ ʔ ㄏ
Bear Shrug
ლ( ╹ε╹ლ )
Kiss Shrug
ʅ(́ ◡◝)ʃ
Eyes Shrug
Person With Pouting Face
ლ(• ω • ლ)
Curious Shrug
ლ(゚ д゚ლ)
Shocked Shrug
┐( ̄ ヘ ̄)┌
Discontent Shrug
╮ (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ╭
Kawaii Shrug
Shrug Alternate
Person Shrugging
ლ( • ω •ლ )
Dummy Shrug
¯\_༼ ಥ ‿ ಥ ༽_/¯
Shrug Crying
ლ(╹ε ╹ლ)
Shrug Kiss
Shrug, Type-4
Shrug, Type-5
¯\_༼ ಥ ‿ ಥ ༽_/¯
Donger Cry Shrug
ヽ(~ ~~ )ノ
Feeling Shrug Insecure
┐( ‘~`; )┌
Rare Face Shrug
Woman Shrugging
ヽ(゜ ~゜o)ノ
Bit Nervous Shrug
Woman Shrugging: Medium-Dark Skin Tone
Man Shrugging
┐( ´∀`)┌
Smile Shrug Face

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Why use lenny faces?

Lenny faces are funny funky faces that you can sent to your friends while chatting with your messenger friend. It increases engagement with your friends. It is also good for social media posts as well. Everyone loves Lenny faces <3

What are lenny faces then?

Lenny Face are a form of emoji text faces which are used to express your mood to your friends in a message. Lenny Face have different names like Le Lenny Face, deg deg, Le Face Face or can be shown like this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). They are cool text faces with text that can be copy pasted and send as a message.

How are lenny faces made? How to make lenny faces on iphone,ipad and pc?

  1. Choose your favourite Lenny Face by visiting
  2. Click on the Shrug Lenny Face or Shrug text face.
  3. Lenny face has been copied to your clipboard
  4. Go to your chatbox and just paste it
  5. You are set to go. Enjoy!

How many kinds of lenny faces are there? How many kinds of text faces are there?

ᕙ(▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿) ᕗ Funny Faces, (╬≖_≖) Angry Lenny Faces, (。◕‿◕。) Cute Lenny Faces, ༼⌐ ■ل͟■ ༽ Donger Lenny Faces, ゞ ◎Д◎ヾ Fearful Lenny Faces, (─‿─)Naughty Lenny Faces, (ノ╹⌒╹)ノ Sad & Crying Lenny Faces, ¯\\(º_o)/¯ Shrug Lenny Faces, 🌟 Star Lenny Faces, ❚█══█❚ Strong Lenny Faces, (ˇ÷ˇ) Thinking Lenny Faces, ಠ‿↼ Winking Lenny Faces and more. You can find them all at

What are the ways to get Shrug Lenny text face?

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